Version Control

Relax! Change is Good!

Fearlessly build and edit live projects and preview your changes in Developer Mode. Seamless Git integration, version management, and previewing means that no matter how simple or complex the change, you and your clients can see into the future with no impact on the past.

Love beautiful syntax?
We do too.

Expression is for everyone in the web development ecosystem involved in conceiving, designing, building, and managing web sites and applications over time.

Its power lies in its elegant and cohesive approach to building sustainable digital assets while bringing people together in the process.

The UX of Champions

Gone are the days when the display layer and user experience are at odds with the business end of things.  Expression's unique architecture extends from its core all the way to the display layer, giving front-end developers easy access to everything under the hood, no matter how complex.  Seamlessly mix marketing content, eCommerce, custom functionality and third party applications into a rich and engaging user experience that fires on all cylinders.

The Glue that Binds

Expression's feature-rich interface gives you unparalleled visibility into your clients and online projects, including site and content management, eCommerce, and full source code access.  It's everything in one place, beautifully organized into streamlined workflows that result in beautiful online experiences for you and your clients.


Expose Yourself. Or Not!

Expression is built on a full featured, documented, and extensible API at its core. Easily integrate any of your projects with REST and SOAP endpoints, or slice and dice your data any way you see fit.  Take advantage of the open web like never before, and unlock unlimited potential by consuming your data from everywhere, anytime.

1, 2, 3 Thousand

Expression is cloud-based and provisioned on a per site basis for any development need.  Start small and effortlessly scale into dedicated multi-site, multi-client Business or Enterprise setups. Plus, you’ll always be on the latest version, which means you'll never have to do that pesky feature upgrade dance again! 

Empower Everyone
Don’t Sacrifice Anything

Expression is a battle-tested tool that brings digital people together. Whether you're an agency, marketer, or developer, it will revolutionize the way you do business online, and empower everyone in the project lifecycle.

Get the Tech You've Always Wanted

Got the chops for great strategy, marketing, and creative but can't seem to make technology your strength? Expression was conceived in the Agency to make digital projects shine from start to finish.  Reduce costs, standardise your workflow, and easily manage unlimited clients, websites, online applications, mobile applications and more.

 Leave the evolution of tech to us and reap the benefits of being on the cutting edge!

You Want What?

Take advantage of a framework that delivers built-in eCommerce and Analytics, Content Management, Social Media integration, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with your favorite marketing and mailout solutions. Most of all, Expression standardizes worklows and technology into a seamless and efficient process that everyone can agree on. That means freedom to really push ideas and the flexibility to change often and fast with none of the usual fuss.

By Developers, For Developers.

Expression was inspired, conceived, and developed by developers for developers. It's our vision of how best to write, structure, and maintain beautiful code, and it let's you build anything you want, how you want, using your favorite tools and libraries. It enables effortless access to your data, the freedom to be creative and do what you want in the display layer, as well as the ability to bundle your best stuff to all of your Expression projects.

Expression also features code versioning/preview, seamless Git integration, and a marketplace to sell, trade, or manage your best stuff as Expression Bundles. With the convenience of a built-in CMS, full eCommerce framework, user management, and a fully extensible and documented API, the possibilities are endless. We can't wait to see what you build!

Let the work
do the talking

Expression isn’t just a website builder—it’s a cohesive system that will enable you to painlessly adapt to your clients’ expanding needs for years to come.

Expression Cloud Platform Benefits

Expression takes a cloud-only approach and is focused on giving our clients freedom from infrastructure. We remove the burden of building, managing and securing your applications, provisioning servers and configuring networks. Our goal, to let innovators innovate and coders code.

High performance, global, and constantly improving.  We’ve built our framework on AWS for the long-term.

Build your prototype to production without having to worry about capacity, reliability or performance 

Build on our protected cloud and minimize any potential impact on your users and clients.

Tap into your data and utilize powerful machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help you build better products.

Focus on your projects and lower your cost of ownership and avoid costly management and time to run your own infrastructure.  

Build applications on a solid foundation and you’ll never have to start from scratch.   

We can’t wait to see what you build!