Our idea of perfection

Ok, nothing’s perfect. But the vision behind Expression is our perfect world: An ideal that the future of the web is built on a unified approach to digital communications and how we connect and bring ideas to life online.


Dream it up and
make it happen

Using Expression, marketers, developers, and everyone in between can easily work together to create cutting-edge digital experiences with complete flexibility, and no compromises.


and Better

Expression is cloud-based, provisioned on a per-site, per-client basis for any development need, and you’ll always be on the latest version. Start small, or effortlessly scale into dedicated stand-alone Business and/or Enterprise setups. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

Future Proof

to last

Web technology moves faster than most organizations can keep up. With Expression, that’s our problem. Leverage the latest and greatest web technologies, now and in the future, without worry.

Everything you need to build amazing online experiences

Expression delivers serious firepower to anyone building and managing engaging digital experiences.

Conceived by developers for developers

Expression is a developer-first framework built on a rich extensible RESTful API.  It frees developers to efficiently write and execute code in a collaborative workspace, featuring code versioning, seamless Git integration, and a marketplace that lets you share your work seamlessly across projects and clients.

With the power of a built-in headless CMS, full eCommerce framework, and a fully extensible and documented API, the possibilities are endless. 

Expression gives you:

Extensible RESTFUL API 
Expression Bundles to package and manage your code
Dynamic Data Models to spin up relational data models and APIs
Web Based IDE featuring GIT integration, version control, and powerful staging functionality
CMS and eCommerce core featuring headless access

Expression frees marketers to build amazing customer experiences connected to their favourite 3rd party tools.

Expression gives marketers powerful workflows to build engaging user experiences, including seamless integration to all your favourite marketing and analytics applications.  It gives you the freedom to really push your ideas, all within an agile framework that empowers developers and creatives alike to work together in harmony.   Best of all, Expression lets you take your best work with you from project to project, freeing you to build on your best ideas and starting where you left off.

Expression gives agencies the tools, workflows, and technology to build and run a digital powerhouse.

Got the chops for great strategy, marketing, and creative but  struggle with managing the tech?  Expression was forged in agency life to make digital projects shine from start to finish.  Reduce costs, optimize your workflow, and easily manage unlimited clients and digital projects. 

Expression delivers the firepower to deliver on any client need, all within a unified workflow that empowers every member of your team, while ensuring that you're always on the cutting edge of tech.

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Expression Cloud Platform Benefits

Expression takes a cloud-only approach and is focused on giving our clients freedom from infrastructure. We remove the burden of building, managing and securing your applications, provisioning servers and configuring networks. Our goal, to let innovators innovate and coders code.

High performance, global, and constantly improving.  We’ve built our framework on AWS for the long-term.

Build your prototype to production without having to worry about capacity, reliability or performance 

Build on our protected cloud and minimize any potential impact on your users and clients.

Tap into your data and utilize powerful machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help you build better products.

Focus on your projects and lower your cost of ownership and avoid costly management and time to run your own infrastructure.  

Build applications on a solid foundation and you’ll never have to start from scratch.   

Let the work
do the talking

Expression isn’t just a website builder—it’s a cohesive system that will enable you to painlessly adapt to your clients’ expanding needs for years to come.

We can’t wait to see what you build!